CUPE Niagara Injured Workers Advocacy Committee

[Feb 14, 2015 01:28 AM]

Hello CUPE 1019 members.

This is a new section to our website, hoping to provide the membership with information and procedures on what to do should you get injured..

To start, The CUPE Niagara Council recently established the CUPE Niagara Injured Workers Advocacy Committee.  It is composed of Injured Worler advocates from CUPE Niagara locals.  We have had 2 meetings to date and plans are for monthly meetings.

The purpose of this group is to network and share ideas and strategies to assist our members when they are injured and off work.

Your representatives from 1019 are Blaine Bittman and Jim Simpson.

If you have any questions concerning either an occupational or non-occupational injury, please feel free to contact us.

 Blaine Bittman  (905) 329-4237  bittyman@gmail.com
 Jim Simpson  (905) 984-1340  1019wsib@gmail.com