Motions To Be Voted On January 2011

[Jan 6, 2011 03:35 PM]

Motion #1- "That we have a limit of $1000 to spend on a gift for Henry Bosch".

Motion #2- That CUPE 1019 "donate $1000 to each of the families of the British Columbia LODD paramedics".

Motion #3- "That the executive of CUPE 1019 is hereby authorized to make expenditures to a maximum of $1,000.00 in the event of a Paramedic Line of Duty Death within Canada".

Motion #4- "That we donate $1000 for the paramedic from Guelph who was recently murdered".

Emergency Motion #1- "That CUPE 1019 make a donation in the amount of $800.00 each to John Wultchyn and Peter Fisher."

Emergency Motion #2- "That CUPE 1019 assist Larry Butters with costs not covered by our benefit plan or the employer for his rehabilitation program."