Motions To Be Voted On May 4, 2011

[Jun 8, 2011 12:37 PM]

Motion #1- "that we donate $1000 to the NEMS Heart & Stroke Ride For Heart Challenge."  **Carried**

Motion #2- "that the Vice President be provided with the President's old Blackberry and the local provide a monthly wireless plan." **This motion was amended to read “The Vice president be provided with the with the President’s old Blackberry and that all sitting executive members on this local be provided a cell phone paid for by the local or reimbursement of their own cell phone plan bill to a maximum amount of $50.00 per month for plans outside of this local.  Those having plans not paid for by the local shall be reimbursed on a yearly basis in December of that current year.  The executive member will provide a bill to the treasurer to keep on record as confirmation of an existing plan for that member.”  The amended motion carried**

Motion #3- "that we donate $1000 to Team Timbits for the Relay For Life."  **Carried**